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Tangled Branch Rules

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Tangled Branch Rules

Post by Tom » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:47 pm

1. No posts of (or links to) spam, malware, direct downloads or torrents. You may plug your own website and/or book(s), but no other advertizing or links to advertizing is permitted.

2. Don't troll, inflame, incite, or personally disparage.

3. Don't argue with, or ignore Moderators. If you disagree with a call then PM the Moderator or an administrator.

4. You may participate on the site with one and only one identity and user account, unless otherwise authorized by a site administrator for good cause.  Don't use or attempt to use puppet accounts or another person's account.

5. No harassing or stalking behavior of any kind - this is a zero tolerance site.

6. By posting a poem or other work (without attribution), you are representing that the poem or work is your own original composition. If you attempt to present as your own someone else's work or ideas, then you are gone. Plagiarism gets you banned for life, first offense.

7. Don't post images, videos, or links to or containing: killings, mutilations, excessive blood/guts, or pornography of any kind.

8. Place a content warning by the side of the title in the subject heading for written content containing graphic violence, sexual content or other adult content not otherwise prohibited. If you fail to do so, the post may be deleted without notice.

9. Don't post on inappropriate boards, cross-post, or post the same poem in more than one place.

10. Use your best efforts at all times to comply with these rules and with Tangled Branch Etiquette, as posted.