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A Quick Tour of the Site

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A Quick Tour of the Site

Post by Tom » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:52 pm

The main Forums menu is your gateway to the site locations and goodies.

By joining The Tangled Branch, you have instant access to everything on the General Poetry Board:

Post Your Poems – the general poetry forum. Here you can post your poetry, obtain feedback and comments, and read other people’s poems. You can give feedback to other writers, and develop and exhibit your critiquing skills.

The Commons. An open forum board for discussing all things poetic. Rants? right here.  Resources? right here. Favorite authors? Why one technique works better than another? Sonics and phonics? Talk about things with other writers. Questions, answers, argumentation, examples. You get the drift.

• Special Action boards - from time to time there will be Poetry Contests and Challenges, National Poetry Month Celebration / Challenge, and of course the greatly anticipated MidSummer Poetry Fest.

If you have difficulty with site navigation or questions about other matters, your first recourse can be to the Q&A board. If that doesn’t resolve it, then contact a Moderator.

Note: There are limited access boards in Members’ Square, which give members the opportunity to workshop their work, and move through several drafts without poems being public or deemed published. Newcomers may be invited to membership status after having demonstrated an ability and willingness to critique as well as a basic knowledge of the discipline of poetry.