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Post by Tom » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:53 pm

Thou shall:

1. Respect other writers. We all write at our own levels. None of us are Shakespearean but we all enjoy the written word and aspire to write better.

2. Remember that when you are critiquing, you’re critiquing the poem, not the writer. Respect the writer enough to give your honest opinion about the poem and its constituent parts – good or bad. Make sure your comments are about the work and not the author.

3. Bear in mind that the critique you receive is of your poem and not of you – it is designed to give you honest feedback. Someone has gone out of their way to devote thought and energy to your creation. You need to thank them for their effort, whether or not you agree with their opinion(s).

4. Direct your critiques, reviews, and comments to the author of the poem, and not toward other critiques. It is the author’s thread, and s/he can invite further discussion, but don’t take it upon yourself to go after another commentor because you don’t like what they post.

5. Give more than you take. You want feedback, help, critique of your darling poems? Then you are well advised to engage with the other writers concerning their work as well as your own. If you want others to devote energy and thought to your creation, then demonstrate your willingness to do the same with respect to their work. A good rule of thumb is to give three substantive reviews/critiques for each poem of your own which you post.

6. Understand this is a private site conditionally open to you. You are a guest – please act like it.