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Body Breaking (in Searching for Kadesh collection)

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Body Breaking (in Searching for Kadesh collection)

Post by poet-e » Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:19 pm

Gradual erosion of
my muscles within muscles and
my bones within bones expedited
underneath my blood browned,
once cream dress,
tattered and torn, aged
eroding by elements.
Rock formations crumble,
mountains move slowly dying.
Dull, sharp, intense.
Sneezes, coughing dirt,
any sudden movements spread
lightning throughout my body.
Snake slithers
down and up and down
my neck shoulders
back tailbone,
wreaking war, wrecking
deprecating flesh.
Cold wind enters my bones,
coldness sticks, stiffness stays inside.
Thunder lighting Moses’ entrance.
Outside heat helps
relax relieving
tight hurts, hard hurts, soft hurts.
Bark digging my back,
doesn’t find what it’s looking for.
Sharp, intense, dull.
Heaviness deep inside
my back, below my neck,
inside my shoulder, where
bone meets bone.
Bruises blue black beaten
under the red sea.
Thunder lighting Moses’ exit.
uneasy uncomfortableness.
Knife cuts me
inside out.
Intense, dull, sharp.
Why not end
my misery?
Is this prolonged
torture humane?

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