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He Died? (in Searching for Kadesh collection)

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He Died? (in Searching for Kadesh collection)

Post by poet-e » Mon Jun 15, 2020 6:54 pm

He Died? 

He died.
            Who died?
The man from Nazareth.
            I don’t understand.
                        They crucified him.
                        His people.
                                                Beats me.  

I don’t understand.
            He was supposed to be The One.
                        Can’t The One die?
                                    I guess he’s not the one.
                                                Or perhaps he was a false one.  

If he was indeed the one, tell him to raise himself from the dead.
            How is he supposed to do that?  He’s dead.
                        Well, if he did somehow raise himself from the dead,
…think of how that would scare the Romans with their jaw dropped faces. 

How could He not be the one?
            He healed Happiness.
                        We all witnessed it.
                                    No one would believe he healed our Happiness
            Even those who knew him might say it was for show.
            Happiness lived like that—scarred with no backstory and naked dances—all his life for a show?
                                    Perhaps if he was really the one, he would have healed all of us.
                        How could He not be the one?

            I don’t understand.  

He died?

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