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The Long Conversation 1.0 Day 5

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The Long Conversation 1.0 Day 5

Post by DocCon » Fri Apr 05, 2019 7:39 pm

The Long Conversation 1.0
#deepadaption 4/5/2019

‘The unconscious lies between us’
waking from a slumber 
       only momentarily abated
‘Yes yes and yes’ 

Hard not to
we do it all the time
       when it’s gone
the invisible edifice
cultures of memory
​​​​​​​       having already betrayed
​​​​​​​       our futures
Progress will be exposed
a cruel means to an end
​​​​​​​       an End inevitable

What happens?

Will Silence wanting to be
​​​​​​​       something anything
cease its striving?

Spring’s kinetic buds
​​​​​​​       attendant chirpings
a cello’s mournful vibrations
mock our solemn questions

‘No no and no!’

A conversation 
started before continues 
​​​​​​​       ​​​​​​​long long