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Let It Be Spoken

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Re: Let It Be Spoken

Post by ajduclos » Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:00 pm

Another wonderful bit of writing, Gyppo.  And presented/read very well.  You do have sizable chunk of the mischievous imp in you - never lose that.  And I fully agree about the dark haired brown eyed sultry women.  I'm not into Nordic Amazons.

Thanks for your kind words about Towers Of Dreams - I think that our writings and our music speak to these towers of our lives, in an almost dreamlike way.  A part of the whole.  That's why I like your writings - they are well grounded and definitely whole.

And I really enjoy your reading, your voice really takes these works to the next level.  And, yes, microphones can be intimidating and the flipping software daunting.  It has taken me many years to not panic at the sight of a microphone.  And the recording software?  I have found the very simplest approach possible, ignoring the thousands of options, to just get it done.  Luddite indeed.........