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Interesting Times

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Eric Ashford
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Interesting Times

Post by Eric Ashford » Sat Apr 16, 2022 11:54 am

We are winded and on the ropes.
Backwater banjo boys
strum against us,
clouds prey upon our minds.

Bad days for going out
or staying in.
A time to be sleepless
to be dazed by the paltry,
nibbled by dogged uncertainties.
We must live timidly,
bargain for more
expect the unexpected
thrive with less.
Go shopping
in the poorer parts of town,
seek thrifty ways where
the well-heeled fear to tread.

When Cable News
assured us that the sky
was about to flap away
we began to dig deeper
with cheap plastic shovels.

We networked a few viral prayers
sought the company of magpies
while the nigh and near
once more took us by surprise.

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