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Day 30 Day 30 Day 30: Washing Machine

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Day 30 Day 30 Day 30: Washing Machine

Post by DocCon » Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:40 pm

Day 30 Day 30 Day 30: Washing Machine

My best poetry has a rhythm I think
when woosh chunk woosh chunk woosh
replaces the poem in planning in -
stead hear Guru guru wash wash
ching chung guru wash chung goo

a chanting that calls the Ancestors
the washing machine starts turn turn -
ing exfoliating shallowed surfaces
burnishing brings forward the ancient
goat skinned rum tum tum drums
whose subterranean churn churn -
ing pulls out aquified earth blood
its Heart beat-beats
And here come
the pipes!

clang-clanging spirited
cacophonies collaborating
with viscous viscera a
resonating sing - song -
ing Thank You! Thanks
operatic grandiose

(air kiss)

For hanging out with me through
30 days of a good and bad rhythms
and bumps and experiments and the necessary
sulfurous F-Ups exploding awkwardly in a silent
room the required labwork one must muster
to translate even badly the ineffable
Thunderous Silence

So go out clap - clapping
syncopated to your synchronizations

I’ll go back to prismatically separating
the colors from the blinding cluster combination
this background this paper
humming to the thump-thumping
of our washer and dryer
Is it poetry? again and again.


Juris d. Ahn & Dr. Concrescence

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Re: Day 30 Day 30 Day 30: Washing Machine

Post by ajduclos » Mon May 06, 2019 12:21 pm

Hey DocCom - really nice "au revoir" !!!!   I've truly enjoyed your writing thru this NaPo month.  I like the way you throw stuff around in methodic madness - you weave well - I've got lots to learn.  It's been fun - thanks.