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RMS Queen Mary

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RMS Queen Mary

Post by indar » Mon May 13, 2019 11:43 pm


Night Aboard the RMS Queen Mary

After the last tour below decks, the magic show,
the guided search for her famed ghosts,
She sleeps.
We prowl the abandoned promenade
ascend winding steps to upper decks,
secret passageways,
rows of heavy lifeboats slung in cradles
never to be used,
beneath red, glowing stacks
bigger than Midwest silos riding high
on fields of grain,
warped plank decking by the acre,
like pirates we take the captain's quarters
then the bridge high over water
four decks up,
below, a blue-lit excursion boat glides by
returned from Catalina: island of romance,
romance romance romance romance
(I'd swim with just my water-wings 
and my guitar). We are ghosts aboard 
a ghost-ship, this relic was alive 
during our lifetime,
Big bands played in the ballroom
piped in hallways now
like elevator music,
She is a displaced old lady
and we were never part of her history.

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